by Bill Gladding, Tavistock Gazette - June 3, 2017

The World Crokinole Championship honoured a new competitive singles winner Saturday night in their 19th annual event; and he may be the oldest winner in the history of the tournament.

Robert Bonnett of Wingham, Ontario defeated two-time champion Jon Conrad in a double tie-breaker to win the coveted trophy and $1,000 cash prize.

Mr. Bonnett won over 81 other players competing in the top category this year.

"I think I was just lucky," Mr. Bonnett humbly stated after the win. Three-time champion Justin Slater was eliminated in the playoff round of Pool A. Then Robert had to play two-time World Champion Jon Conrad of Milverton in a double tie-breaker before Jon missed the second last shot allowing Bonnett to drop a winning twenty onto the board.

Mr. Bonnett made it into the top 16 player playoff coming through Pool B with 56 points and 66 twenties to get to the final four. Justin Slater led Pool A with 68 points on 104 twenties to take home the twenties trophy. Andrew Hutchinson scored 68 points and 61 twenties to lead Pool B.

The final four playoff round saw Jon Conrad against Robert Bonnett for first and second prize and Connor Reinman against Nathan Jongsma for third and fourth place.

Robert Bonnett won the Recreational Singles titles back in 2006 and 2012 and last year placed fourth in the competitive singles category. He said he plays recreationally with friends in his hometown of Wingham, "once in a while," he said.

In other action, Tavistock's Wayne Schultz is the tournament's first five-time winner as he once again took home the Cue Singles title. He won the honour also in 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2014.

Doubles winners this year were the pairing of Clare Kuepfer of Dobbinton and Nathan Walsh of Kitchener. Recreational Doubles champions were the father and son team of Tim and Connor Reinman of Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan. Connor went on to place third in the competitive singles category.

Jahjireh Jong of Hamilton won the Juniors title; Abijah Jongsma of Hamilton the Intermediate title, and the team consisting of these two winners also took home the Youth Doubles trophies.

Tyson Kuepfer of Brunner has come up through the Junior (2011 champion) and Intermediate (2014 champion) ranks to win the Recreational Singles title this year over 67 other competitors.

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by Bill Gladding, Tavistock Gazette - June 6, 2017

This year’s World Crokinole Championship was another international success with 462 players pre-registered for Saturday's tournament.

In this, Canada’s 150th year of Confederation, players came from sea to shining sea ... Newfoundland to British Columbia. Eleven players attended from Prince Edward Island and there was also representation from Quebec, Saskatch-ewan, and of course, all over Ontario. Roxanne Broer from Carleton Place came the furthest distance within the province.

The doubles pairing of Vincent Leclerc and Vincent Beaubien, who grew up together in Lery, Quebec, left at 4:00 p.m. Friday from Montreal to arrive in Tavistock at 1:00 a.m. They slept in their car overnight and didn't awaken until 8:00 a.m. They said they ran into the arena to register and were seated immediately for the 8:15 start. Little did they know they had been seated in the competitive doubles area instead of recreational doubles. They wondered why the competition was so intense.

Leclerc, a pipe fitter by trade, had attended the championship on his own last year. He first found the game of crokinole on and purchased a Willard board online, a month before last year's tournament. He and Beaubien, a powerline technician, have been practicing since then and the two are now actively following trends on "We play a lot of board games," they said, but crokinole seemed to keep their attention.

Beaubien was rewarded for his efforts by winning third in the Recreational Singles finals after placing 15th overall out of 68 competitors. Leclerc placed 20th overall in the same category.

There were a record number of players (31) from the US this year representing eight states including New York, Ohio, Texas, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Massachusetts and Michigan. The oldest player registered for the tournament was Bill Harris of Southampton who was scheduled to play with his son, Randy, now living in Colorado. However, Bill was hospitalized and was unable to attend this year's tournament.

Margaret Wigginton of Charlottetown, PEI was the oldest female registered. It was her first time at the tournament, travelling with 11 members of the PEI group. The youngest boy was 7-year-old Manoah Jongsma of Hamilton and the youngest girl was Rachel "Acute" Beierling, 5-year-old daughter of Ray and Sarah Beierling of Dorchester. The nickname comes from her father and uncle Jason's crokinole nicknames on their number 20, red t-shirts of "Angles" and "Protractor".

Perennial attendees Eric Miltenberg of Toronto and Dale Henry of New York State came with matching, but opposite coloured t-shirts that read "Beware of the Grim Flicker" on the front and "One Cheek Rule Design" on the back.

One group of 12 from Toronto, calling themselves The City Flickers, once again had their own t-shirts made up complete with a logo showing a silhouette of the CN tower pointing to the centre of the crokinole board. Another Toronto team was Flicks of Fury while some US names to appear were Croke Like U Know from Pennsylvania and the Carolina Croks, who also have a Texas branch.

Another record set this year, according to registration chair Sherrill Calder, was the fact that 31 per cent of the players were new to the tournament.

The city with the most representation was Kitchener-Waterloo with 41 participants. There were 32 players from Toronto this year including former champion Justin Slater and his father, Fred, who were shut out of the medal rounds.

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