2013 Photo Gallery

Photos courtesy of Bill Gladding - The Tavistock Gazette
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WCC chairman John Schultz watches as 2013 winner John Conrad signs the back of the official crokinole board.

John Conrad in action.

Singles - Raymond Haymes, 2nd; John Conrad, champion; Ray Beierling, 3rd; and Tom Johnston, 4th

Wayne Schultz - Cue Singles 94 20's and Raymond Beierling - Singles 99 20's

Competitors who have been at all 15 WCC competitions include:
Left to right: Nyle Eby, Robert Mader, Oscar Weber, Ken Whytock, Raymond Beierling, Raymond Kappes, Jason Beierling, Clare Kuepfer, Lloyd Wiseman, and Carl Nicklas.

Doubles champions - Justin Slater and Fred Slater

Cue Singles - Andrew Hutchinson, 4th; Oscar Weber, 2nd; Champion Wayne Kipfer, Carol Litt, 3rd

Cue Doubles champions - Carol Litt and Lorraine Proud, Kitchener

Early Bird jacket winners - Alma Steeves of P.E.I. and Matt Baer of Waterloo

Intermediate champions - Tyson Kuepfer, 2nd; Champion Trevor Grasby; Kohl Hedley, 3rd; Abijah Jong, 4th

Junior champions - Scott Torrance, 2nd; Champion Abijah Jong; Kyle Grasby, 3rd; Jonathan Baer, 4th

Wilf and Nic Olson, Regina Saskatchewan

P.E.I. Crokinole
A group of twelve Prince Edward Islanders attended the 15th Annual World Crokinole Championship on Saturday, June 1, 2013 in Tavistock. Shown left to right, seated are Linda Lea, David Younker, Dr. Donald Steeves, and Ewen McPhail; second row: Alma Steeves, Annie McPhail, Hazel MacKenzie, and Douglas Neill; back row: Lawson Lea, Blois Weeks, Darryl MacDonald, and Robert Weeks.

Recreational Doubles champions - Kathy Carter and Jason Carter, Newton

Recreational Singles champions - Ken Robinson, 2nd; Champion Oliver Davidson; Peter Carter, 3rd; David Bebee, 4th

Top Female - Karin Jeske Award - Beverly Vaillancourt, Penetanguishene (right) with WCC Treasurer Lois Kalbfleisch



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