2014 Photo Gallery

Photos courtesy of Bill Gladding - The Tavistock Gazette
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Brian Cook shoots to win the tiebreaker against Justin Slater in the 2014 World Crokinole Championship. Brian won his fourth title. He previously won 3 championships in a row - 2007-2008-2009.

Justin Slater finished in second place after a tiebreaker with Brian Cook in the final.

Brian Cook displays his fourth tournament championship trophy following his win Saturday, June 7, 2014.

Adult Singles - Nathan Walsh, 3rd; Brian Cook, champion; Justin Slater, 2nd; and Matt Brown, 4th

Cue Singles - Murray Kuehl, 3rd; Andrew Hutchinson, 2nd; Wayne Schultz, Champion; Carl Litt, 4th

Rec Singles - Lloyd Wiseman, 2nd; Albert Leitch, Champion, Matt Casey, 3rd; Ron Torrance, 4th

Intermediate - Trevor Grasby, 2nd; Tyson Kuepfer, Champion; Kieran Johnston, 3rd; Jonathan Baer, 4th

Junior - Jahjireh Jong, 4th; Carmen Meijer, 2nd; Abijah Jong, Champion; Kyle Grasby, 3rd

Doubles - Justin Slater and Fred Slater of Toronto

Cue Doubles - David King, Waterloo and Andrew Hutchinson, Kitchener

Recreational Doubles - Robert Bonnett, Wingham and Peter Carter, Teeswater

Top Female Beverly Vaillancourt and 20’s Champion Ray Beierling



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