2015 Photo Gallery

Photos courtesy of Bill Gladding - The Tavistock Gazette
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Justin Slater, Toronto, who won his first WCC Adult Singles title at age 17, won his second title.

Brian 20's Champion Ray Beierling with his daughter, Rachel. Ray had 116 20's in the adult singles preliminary round.

Adult Singles - 2nd - Raymond Beierling, Dorchester; Champion - Justin Slater, Toronto; 3rd - Roy Campbell, Elmira; 4th - Robert Bonnett, Wingham

Cue Singles - 2nd - Jonathon Brubacher; Champion - Carol Litt, Kitchener; 3rd - Dave Brubacher, Listowel; 4th - Lorne Steckley, Milverton

Rec Singles - 2nd - Cor VandenHoven, Kitchener; Champion - Lloyd Wiseman, Kitchener; 3rd - Bill Geris, London; 4th - Steve Wiseman, Kitchener

Intermediate - 2nd - Tyson Kuepfer, Brunner; Champion - Abijah Jong, Hamilton; 3rd - Kieran Johnston, Stamford, Connecticut; 4th - Matthew Schultz, Tavistock

Junior - 2nd - Jake Grant, St. Marys; Champion - Kyle Grasby, Holland Landing; 3rd - Odai Alshared, Mitchell; 4th - Jack Church, Tavistock

Doubles - John Conrad, Poole and Tony Snyder, Waterloo

Cue Doubles - Dave Brubacher, Listowel and Dennis Brubacher, Elmira

Recreational Doubles - Reuben Jong and Abijah Jong, Hamilton

A record 100 boards were in play for the combined singles competitions this year.

The trophy table featured a rare 1999 Pichenotte Game Board Co. board on display.

Greg Pinel (left) and Tammaso Mazzoni of Brooklyn, New York inspect the Lagasse Brothers Pichenotte Game Board Co. board.



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