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Photos courtesy of Bill Gladding - The Tavistock Gazette
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Justin Slater, Toronto, won his third WCC Competitive Singles title. It was his second straight (2015-2016) and previously he was the youngest player to win at age 17 in 2010.

Competitive Singles winners, from the left, Ray Beierling, 3rd; Justin Slater, Champion; and Nathan Walsh, second. Absent is 4th place Raymond Kappes.

Justin Slater and his father, Fred Slater, were doubles champions.

Winning the 20's trophies for the most 20's in the preliminary rounds were Leon Wease (left) with 66 in Recreational Singles, Raymond Beierling with 92 in Competitive Singles, and Mark Kuehl (right) with 81, winning a cue singles shootout with Doug Schwartzentruber.

Cue Singles - 4th - Josh Carrafiello; Champion - Andrew Hutchinson; 3rd - Wayne Kipfer. Absent was 2nd place Joseph Ward.

Rec Singles - 3rd Tyson Kuepfer; 2nd Wayne Scott; Cor Vanden Hoven, Champion; 4th Trevor Grasby.

Intermediate - 3rd Scott Torrance; 2nd Kieran Johnston; Abijah Jong, Champion; and 4th Carmen Meijer.

Junior - 3rd Jahjireh Jong; 2nd Jack Church; Odai Alshared Champion; and 4th Elliott Meijer.

Doubles - Justin Slater and Fred Slater.

Cue Doubles - Joe Ward and James Ward.

Recreational Doubles - Mike Yourk and Brian Simpson.

The youngest players in the tournament were Melodie Mitchell, 8 and Ben Church, 6. The eldest players were Bill Harris, 89 and Vera Gutzke.

A group of young players from Toronto came to play wearing with their own custom t-shirts. Pictured, from the left, in front: Rebecca Kennedy and Lindsey Falk; standing: Masooma Hussain, Aly Parry, Sam Mason, Kelsey Morrison, and Elysia Vaccarino. Others in the group, not shown, were Dave Lye and Doug Chalke.

Australian players, now living in Toronto, who attended for the first time are Mitch Sullivan (left) and Shaun Brockman.

Eight members of the PEI Crokinole Club attended once again this year. From the left, in front are: David Younker, Alma Steeves, Donald Steeves, Lawson Lea; and behind: Wilfred Smith, Daryl MacDonald, Douglas Neill, and Robert Weeks.

Greg Pinel of New York, his second year in the tournament, met his father, John Pinel, who flew in from Vancouver to play this year.

The first to register for this year's event were the 'Marks' of Cambridge in their tie-dyed t-shirts - Mark Matheson (left) and Mark Slade.

Beverley Vaillancourt won the Karin Jeske Memorial Trophy for the third year.

East Zorra-Tavistock Mayor Don McKay gave the welcome and opening remarks as well as a tribute to the late 'Mr. Crokinole' Wayne Kelly and longtime tournament supporter the late Dorothy Reibling.



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